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Neither can hold off any longer, we both want the same thing. “Get on the bed” I tell you.You climb onto the bed and wait for me. Lay there comple...ely naked with your legs spread nice and wide. You look so sexy and yet a little slutty all at the same time, just how I like it. I slowly climb on top of you kissing your body and sucking your tits as I move up to your mouth. As we kiss even more passionately than before I can feel my cock rubbing up against your bare pussy. It’s begging to be let. “It definately hurts.” I replied, grinning a little.“Well don’t think it’s over yet, we got all weekend. Kelly’s sleeping at my house tonight.” Brooke said, talking for the first time.I was secretly extremely happy about what she said, but my reply was a lot less enthusiastic. “What about my parent’s? They thought I was at Ryan’s house last night, how am I going to persuade them to let me stay at his house again?” “Oh, I can think of an easy reason. Don’t you know what day it is today?”“The. The living room had a three cushion beige microfiber sofa and matching chair with ottoman. There was also a large coffee table, two floor lamps and an entertainment center that featured a 35” television, DVD player and a nice stereo. There was a sliding glass door that opened up to a small patio featuring a table, two chairs and a lounge chair. The two bedrooms were on opposite sides of the living room and one was primarily an office with a large desk with a chair and a full size bed. My. "Bullshit I was watching in the rear view, all you did was play kissy face" I snapped back. "You saw her sitting on my lap didn't you?" Bob asked me. "Yeah, yeah but you didn't get any pussy, asshole" I retorted. "Oh yes I did, she was sitting on my lap ridding my cock and I gave the bitch my hot load" he laughed. "Right" I fired back. "So ask her she'll tell ya, everybody knows shes a fuck bunny, hell, if she had as many cocks sticking out of her as she's had stuck in her she'd look like a pin.

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