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”At that point two cars came down the drive. The first was Tony’s SUV — it was his turn to meet the guests — and the second was a silver AMG-55 with Chad Palmer driving. The young man jumped out of the car and ran around to open the passenger-side door for Tami Baker.Both Carol and Kim were there to greet them. After giving Chad a warm smile, Tami saw the two women and gasped.“Oops!” Kim exclaimed. “We keep forgetting about our private nudist colony. It disturbs some people.”The girl. I was rubbing them hard as she was kissing me. mmmShe pulled the seats back and i lay down. she removed my pant instantly. and took my cock in hand. she is stroking my cock nicely, it became hard rock. she bend down and put my dick in her mouth… OHH what a hot sensation, she was taking it nicely. mmm my balls got wet by her saliva. she did well. she was taking my balls in her mouth and biting little. ahhh what a suck i had. mmm she was rounding her tongue on my cock tip. woah mmm mmm. loved. “I have never seen a woman act so much like a slut.” He spit out the word slut making it sound even more degrading, if that were possible. I felt my face blush with the shame. He reached over and started to fondle my exposed breasts. “Look at you naked and on your knees. You truly are no better than a filthy street whore. There is only one thing that can cure such behaviour. You need a spanking.” All the time he was humiliating me, my eyes were fixed on his tall erect woman pleaser. I. " Wow mum your fantastic and I love you.I have a little secret I want to tell you..... I love seeing up your skirts and dresses mum, I do. I wish and hope all day whilst Im at school that your wearing little when I get home. To see a bit of material is ,can I say,,,,, Harden-ing?I also love seeing your little knickers in the washing basket. My willy gets hard and as soon as my fingers touch them, it lurches in my hand and makes me to lift them to my nose and smell them.. You mum.. Smell you.X..

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