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Mr and Mrs Davison were perfectly pleasant people, a little staid and prudish were my initial thoughts. I don’t think they thought too much of me, n...t laughing at any of my little jokes or stories. Dinner had been a long winded affair with many long torturous silences, I was glad when we left the table and retired for the evening.Lying in her parents spare room, Jenny’s naked body pressed against mine, I began to feel the need. Tracing my hand down her back and resting it on her sweet arse, god. The camera man was having a field day. I loved having the spotlight on me. The attention alone was enough to arouse me. Justin leaned forward slightly and slapped my ass while I continued to pleasure him with my mouth. My jaws ached a little, but I refused to slow down. A few minutes later, Justin grabbed my hand and pulled me onto my feet. The director said cut and gave me a cloth to clean away the saliva from around my mouth and on my chin. The stylist ran her fingers through my hair. I knew it. He knew it.Meat.Only, Cardenez pitched a complete game, beating us4-1, and I had a walk and zero hits for the night.Something was terribly, terribly wrong."Hi, you've reached the number you just dialed. You know what to do, after it goes beep." Sandy? You there? Pick up, please." What is it, Slug?" Did I wake you?" What is it, Slug?" I took another collar tonight. Against Cardenez!" So? Cardenez is pretty good." Not against me. He's my cousin, Sandy! I've always beat him like a. Sir told me I was being a good slut and to swallow the cum and say thank you, which naturally I did! One of the cocks in my hand moved into my mouth and I continued to suck all the cocks I could over the next half an hour. Long, short, fat, thin cocks, all taking advantage of me in my tied position. All the while sir was fucking me slowly then faster, I could feel his cock throbbing in my ass and occasionally I'd get spanked!As the guys in front of me were getting excited, more of them moved in.

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