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I watched him through the red haze and shivered more. He turned the hose back on but this time it wasa luke warm, gently spray that washed over me. H... rinsed me down good and hosed down the floor all around me. The warm water trickling down around my legs felt good against my aching nuts. I guess he must have realized that the water was helping to ease the pain because once he finished the floor he held the hose in such a way that the water flowed down and around my nuts removing the burning. >From what I could hear of the conversation, it sounded as though Katywas talking to another slightly older woman about the exams she’d justfinished at school.Within a couple of minutes of the talking beginning, Katy and aslightly older, taller woman walked into the sauna. They were bothwrapped, from head to toe, in gigantic white towels similar to my own.“Hi”, I said, still reeling from the shock.“Hi”, they both said in unison, as they went to sit down on the. They'd always got a long but wound each other up so much sometimes like all brothers and sisters do.They both lived with their parents and were very close. They'd talk about their recent relationships and help each other out. They'd always help one another when they were in trouble.One evening Sylvia took a long hot bath and hummed to herself rubbing soap all over her body. Unknown to her that there was a tiny peep hole into the bedroom next door to it which was Ryan's room.Ryan heard his. Ilike having my nipples and breasts teased and played with. You did thissome and as You saw, got a big reaction. It really feels great.Now the shaving!!!! Wow. I have not had another person shave my body in.... Forever! I crave the contact with another person and Your intimatecontact was real and special. Thank You for Your choices of where toshave. Back and chest are good. Underarms are, to me, very feminine, asare legs. As I indicated, You can shave anything You feel appropriateeven.

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