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.. when i got back to society i made a pledge to myself to go on the right path and this business is the result of that commitment you understand? so ... want to leave it the same way i ran it, professional and tight. you got caught in the middle of that and i wanted you to know its all good, the progress made today is great so are we good now" he said through smiling teeth "yes Marcus i was a bit confused about it but i understand, thats a really inspiring story though wow i had no idea about. However one other man asked me if I would be interested in milking myself online / webcam for him to watch, and he was willing to pay for the privilege. That got me thinking…..could I actually have the guts to do it… me that doesn’t feel like cheating as it’s is non contact etc. I would most certainly hide my face if I ever did this…..but the question is could I do it in the first place…..Slow and steady wins the race, apparently !June 18, 2015 4 Comments Well since I last wrote (sorry its. ?anyway, I used to be something called a lawyer, whatever that is?but now , as you can see, I’m a perfectly trained slave and slaves don’t need to read, we just need to remember that everything a man says is right, (giggle) especially when it comes to us slaves how dumb we are!. Here are my specifi?specifica.(giggle) I’m trying to think again?my sizes.. My fuckbag size is (trying to remember) 44DD, my waist is 30 and my cunt area size is 36. I deep throat cocks up to (trying to remember) 10. " I looked down at my grocery store name tag and turned red."I should also mention that you should refrain from saying how youtransitioned so easily." Yeah, I already decided I wasn't going to mention that." It's been a week and a half since you first came to us. Yourtransformation appears to be over. Mine seems to have stopped a few daysago too. So you can live a normal life from here on out. And likelywe're going to stop checking on you shortly. It would be wise tocontinue seeing Dr..

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