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Shanti sat beside me and harini on the back seat. i started driving and i told shanti that while driving i will smoke if its okay for them or else i w...ll stop and smoke outside. The answer i got is but surprise one as harini told she will give me company and her mom wont mind smoking infront of her.Then the talks changed to various topics and harini just finished her engineering and gling back home, she has a sister priya working in an it firm in bangalore and her dad suresh is doing milk. It saw Rahul and Anamika there, totally nude and she was all over him, and Rahul’s dick was inside her and she was riding over him. They saw me and she rushed to cover her sexy body. I was just stuck there. I had seen Anamika before too, but never noticed her body in this way. Her boobs were so big and her curves were driving me crazy. Suddenly, I realized that this is wrong and I moved away and came back to my room and opened the gate my bathroom. My wife was bathing in there. She gave a. She would always look at me in a suggestive manner when she placed the chocolate bars into my hand. Quite innocent of course, but, she lived next door to me and I didn’t see too much of her because of her job, but always on a Friday evening in the summer she’d sit in her garden sunbathing, and quite often naked! Which was a delight for me peeping through the fence at her! On this this particular Friday evening I was peering through the garden fence at her and her saw the freshly unwrapped. The four of us had got naked together after breakfast as a result of us discussing our favourite sexual fantasies. It had progressed to Pete fondling the ample breasts of Pat, my wife. Then Pete’s wife Sue had asked me to undress her and we had fondled each other’s genitals.“Johnny and I are going to our bedroom now,” said Pat, looking at me for a cue.I smiled at Pat. That was the only communication we needed as we were so in tune with each other.“We are going to be bonking furiously,” added.

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