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" Don't worry I will be a better mother than you. I will not be a schoolteacher! And I will not have to put them in day care I will have enoughmoney t... be a stay at home mom the way all mothers should be. " Shesmiled 'sweetly'.How Louise was coming to hate that smile. "But you'll never be able to fool my husband, you rich bitch! " Tsk, Tsk, language Louise. Language. Also, a little friendly advisedear. Men are not women. We notice everything. They notice nothing. Aslong as they are fed, cleaned. I slid my hand up and under his t-shirt and found the top of his pants. I tried to reach down into his pants but there wasn't enough room.At this point Jeff has not said a word or moved in any fashion that would suggest he was for or against what was happening. I was moving as quietly and as slowly as I could so that Steve wouldn't hear what was going on.I reached down and undid the snap button on his jeans and then undid the zipper. I pushed his jeans open and then reached in and grabbed his. Then I remembered that I had my Fetish in my pocket. I turned to Jordan, pulled the fetish out and said, "Would you mind holding this for me?"Jordan looked at me with a small smile. I could see the mirth in her eyes and that smile was the closest she could get to a straight face. She shook her head. "Nope."I was confused. "Why not?" Because you need to get used to the idea that women find you attractive," she said."I don't have a problem with that," I said. "I don't want to cause problems. Then I said something and he laughed and, accidentally, ran his hand over my crotch.I just looked away and blushed. He seemed to have noticed that too so he stopped laughing and just looked away..Then punched my arm playfully and I did that too. He jumped on me and we started wrestling for a little.Than we decided to call it a night and went to my room. He got his toothbrush and we went to the bathroom to wash and get clean.We got back to my room and started undressing. I noticed that he tried.

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