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"No, its good to share some of the crap. If I let it weigh my mind down, it does more damage and, James. Call me Carmen," she said with a beaming smil..., and lustful eyes.I nodded. "Carmen, I like that," I said refering to her name. It was sexy."Hmmmm, and I like James too," she said grinning, but there was something different in her eyes. She was referring to more than just my name, I guessed or more hoped for."Then we're well put together today then," I smiled as the traffic laid off, and. One evening Komal and I went to purchase some vegetables. While bhabhi was busy talking to the vendor, I looked around for some fresh faces (chicks to be exact). Suddenly, I saw a couple of men talking something in the local language whilst looking at bhabhi.When I looked in the direction they were looking, I saw bhabhi’s juicy hips exposed. Oh my! She often wears saree below navel but still hides her sexy love hole but leaves the juicy curves to be enjoyed. I joined them in looking at those. His response was polite as usual “yes Miss Lacy show me the way”.As I made my way up the stairs towards the master bathroom, I was wondering if he was enjoying the view of my pink silk pajama shorts. They exposed my upper thighs to the hilt. Combined with my oversized white men’s shirt and no bra, I realized I should have woke up earlier and dressed more appropriate.I brushed that thought away as we entered the master bath. I showed him the problem and he got down to the plumbing to assess the. "Sure," said Tom, even though there were only guys in the house. "You’re k**ding," I said. "What, you got something to hide?" Tom said.So all five of us sat around the kitchen table and started playing strip poker. Only the loser had to remove a piece of clothing. Before we started, everyone had removed their socks and shoes. The play was going pretty even when Tom said that the loser had to do whatever the winner wanted. I wasn’t too worried because I was the only one that hadn’t lost a hand.

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