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He let out a sigh as my lips parted and I slid the cock into my mouth. I started to suck him slowly as I kneaded his balls. He lightly touched my he...d with his hands as he moaned, I knew that he would come soon.Frank pushed me hard, making me fall away from Billy and my mouth made a popping noise as the cock was pulled from my mouth suction. Billy made a gasping noise as his cock erupted and his sperm shot out onto his clothes."Pansy-boy don't need his cock sucked, you slut... I got other. She also managed to get a dig at me by saying that if I had given her a telephone contact number she would have been able to talk to me and explain her reasons for not being available at Christmas. She now asked that I telephone her as soon as I received her letter.I rang her from a call box outside the NAAFI canteen. We both apologised, although I thought I had far less to apologise for than she did, but I could see that if I had given her a number to contact me much distress would have been. "You can live in my room with me!" I have a feeling that your mom might get very jealous." Shelly laughed."Why?" Lisa asked."Because I am sure that she will become quite lonely and very desirous of your attention."At first Lisa was puzzled. What attention. Then in a sudden rush of revelation, the fourteen-year-old knew what type of attention Shelly was talking about."You mean me and my mom doing things like you and I do?" Exactly!" Shelly said flatly.Lisa thought about it. Her mind went back to. I started to eagerly suck his some more and then felt him push a finger into me. i jumped a second but when he started massaging my prostate I felt cum fill my loins and i became incredibly horny. He did not even ask, he just told me to get up and he leaned me over the arm of the couch. My heart was racing, as he spit onto my ass. He kept spitting and pushing the spit into my ass with his finger. My dick was so hard and was pressed up against the arm of the sofa. He said I must be.

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