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He looked semi-confused, but he went with it. Soon enough he slid his finger up my tight hole. One finger turned to two and soon I was ready for him t... enter me, but he wasn't. He lowered his head and taking lessons from me, he started to go down on my ass, putting his tounge deeper and deeper. I was moaning like a bitch as this young teen was about to fuck my hole with his big cock. Ray took some shampoo and put it all over his cock, and lathered it into my hole. I put my leg up on the ledge. They started up driving again about 10 miles down the road there was a dirt road on the right, they turned down it and went down for about another 5 miles. Paige couldnt help but notice Cor starring at her, looking at her tits and trying to see up her skirt, it excited her, she could see Cors cock starting to grow in his pants. They finally came upon a beautiful lake with a waterfall and they got out of the truck, there was a small wooden cabin right on the side of the lake. They went inside. ” I slid my pants and boxers down and let him get a look. He glanced at it casually, then looked up at me and grinned. “Not bad, dude,” he said. “Thanks,” I said, still awkward, pulling my shorts up. He winked at me in an “I won’t tell if you don’t” kind of way, then brushed past me, running his fingers along my chest as he went. I went outside, and he followed a few minutes later. We all had a few drinks, then decided to head inside and watch a movie. I went to the kitchen to get snacks while. From there I work with my tongue, lashing her little bud and lapping up her juices as they begin flowing. Two then three fingers work in and out of her as I lick. I toy with and eat her tender babyhole for a little over 20 minutes before she finally cums. She was a real squirter, she cums and her hole becomes soaked. After I have tended to her completely she rolls over on top of me, repeating the way I kissed and caressed down her body. Soon she is lying between my legs, her hand.

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