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As I was getting closer to Kings Mountain all kinds of thoughts were going though my mind.It was almost dark by the time I pulled in to the little tru...k stop in Kings Mountain I saw Joe's truck I backed into the spot next to him. I didn't see him so I sent him a text message saying I was here no reply. So I thought to myself I will give it to him in the morning I closed my curtains and started to watch a movie there was a knock on my door I got up looked to see who I was guess who Joe so I put. About an Hour into the journey joyce became restless and kept changing her position in the seat. I Noticed and asked her was she ok. Joyce replied " I knew i should'nt of had that last glass of wine" "Its gone straight through me" I really need to pee" We were only half way throught the journey. There was no way we would make it home. I started to look for somewhere to stop. But in front of me it seemed like endless fields with no shelter.As we went on she started to moan, and hold her. But she felt Hunter’s dick slide in and out of her ass. The worst part was that he was larger than the guy who had done her ass. He thrusted with powerful thrusts, causing his crotch to collide with hers over and over again; Paige gasped each time he went balls deep into her ass, but the gasps were turning from pain to pleasure. Paige felt another orgasm begin to build inside her and now her moans were all pleasure as her body responded and her mind was slowly giving in as well.“You like this. "I'm not cheating on you," he muttered before he kissed me and took my hands. "I love you more than life itself." You feel the same about her, and it's not cheating if I'm encouraging you to do it, Jeff. Your sister needs you; she needs us to make her feel better. You'll have literally nothing to feel ashamed of, because you're loved dearly by both of us," I whispered."I'm sorry, but are you two whispering about?" she asked.I looked right at him and kissed him once. "Do you trust me?" Yes."I.

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