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Arm and arm, we head over to the beach area. When we get there we find all of the men plus a few others all on their knees in a row. Across from them a group of women who I guess are their wives. We were the last to get there, so now it was time for the party to start. Bonnie told Sara that since she didn't have a pathetic loser in this group she could share Allen. Julie being the ring leader spoke for the group. She said all of you useless pieces of shit are her because 1 you're un able. You may be left handed as well. Most left eyed people are.”Val pulled the gun up to his left shoulder and fired one shot; he then levered in another shell and fired again. I tapped his shoulder after he had fired all five shots and we looked at his grouping again. It was much tighter, it was still off about two circles, but it was a much tighter group. I looked at the gun and the sights were dead on center. I guess Val with his larger frame did not get quite close enough to get his eye lined up. When Claire came to the door he saw her in a whole new light. She was wearing a black silk night gown cut to the top of her thighs, covered lightly by a black silk dressing gown which was only slightly longer. The luscious material glided smoothly over her curves and Kyle could see her true figure for the first time. The neck line plunged down exposing deep cleavage yet she still looked classy and expensive. He looked at her hair how it was falling down wildly into loose waves, it looked like. A small tractor with a frontscoop was what she needed, but she couldn't justify the cost of one forthis single project no matter how much time it would save. Kat was ableto speed up the dumping process though, by building a liner for the backof her truck out of heavy 3/4th inch plywood that sat on rollers in theback of the truck. Once she had the truck loaded and taken to her dumpsite, Kat could open the tail gate, then back up and slam on the brakes.The rollers allowed the insert to slide out.

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