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I opened the door and saw Huma aapa there.She said that she has to go to a friend’s place but there is no water in their house so wanted to take here. She went to the bathroom and after 5 minutes she called me and asked for soap. I went to the store and brought soap. While I was giving her the soap I saw her refection in the mirror I left in the morning when I was removing my pubic hair. I could see the side of her left boob and part of her ass. That sight made me hard instantly. She. Only on Halloween could this happen.When Dwight slipped off to the bathroom, I got myself another drink. There were so many different costumes and several other Phantoms of the Opera, some with the half mask and a couple with a mask like Dwight’s. Then Jeremy showed up wearing what I assumed was Dwight’s devil costume, if you could call it that. Jeremy was in a red three piece suit with a black shirt, red mask, and the red devil horns.“Hey Avery,” he said. I wondered how he knew it was. .." No buts I'm in charge since I am the experienced one you will do what Isay." OK."After she got his testicles inside his body cavity she worked his littledickette around and pulled it back between his legs then snuggled up hispanties up to hold it there. Then she caressed it and asked, "How doesthat feel?" Marvelous, simply marvelous," he uttered as he enjoyed the feelings."Good I want my new wife to enjoy her place." Her?" Just saying, we can have fun in the bedroom can't we?" Yes, we can. We started fucking in the shower and took advantage of the absence of C.Suddenly he appeared in the bathroom. I was afraid for his reaction but it was okay. “Here you are” he said “I thought I could watch you?” I heard he was a bit drunk. “Sure you can watch me baby” while Alex was still inside me. For Alex it felt like he had green light and continued fucking me. C watched us for a little while and then interrupted me. He said he enjoyed the evening and did not want to spoil it for me. He.

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