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Saturday slowly came and round and now I had a dilemma, this was the day of Jenny getting her massage, the thought of it hadn’t been out of my mind,...the excitement of what she would be getting up to was too much for me, I devised a plan and I made my excuses to my friends that I wouldn’t be going with them. I left the house on Saturday afternoon and told Jenny I was off with my mates as planned, however, instead I drove to work and parked my car and took an unmarked van from the company fleet.. I truly did feel lonely; neglected; overlooked; taken for granted; and definitely ignored by Ronald! Duane had hit the very center of the target; the focal point of my womanly frustrations as a sexual person! That had been the crux of my daughters earlier admonishment!My pussy was sopping wet by now. I could feel it between my thighs as I sat across from Duane as we'd been chatting. I wanted to be fucked. It was as simple, and as basic, and uncomplicated as that. I wanted to be wanted. I wanted. Slowly I started to kiss her eyes, ears and went towards the neck. She was responding to my moves embracing me more tightly, her hands playing with my hairs and asking for more. I lifted here in my arms with our lips still extracting the nectar, and moved towards the bed. I placed my hand on her leg and dragged her near to me and started kissing her. She was on high and was asking to continue. She started opening my shirt and threw it away. I opened 2 buttons of her shirt and slowly my lips. “FRANK! DON’T LEAVE ME HERE ALONE!”Frank was chuckling, just outside the doors.“PLEASE COME BACK! I’LL LET YOU DO ANYTHING YOU WANT! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEEEEASE!”The poor, terrified girl screamed and shouted at the very top of her lungs, crying desperately for Frank to return and not leave her alone in the darkness!Her screaming only made her voice grow sore and hoarse. She began crying, tears falling in twin rivers from her pretty blue eyes and wetting the front of her tight shirt, soaking.

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