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You've got to smile, for it wasn't long before her hips started to move under me."Yeah baby," I cooed, matching her movements."Oh yes," she sighed. It...wasn't long before I was thrusting into her hard. I held on, until she lost her rhythm and started to come; then I pulled out and deposited my sperm all over her flat stomach.I rolled off and lay beside her, my eyes took in her naked body as I gently move my hand over it. All in all not too bad, hip a bit big, but that only makes her legs. I knew it was a choice between me and HRS, because I wasn't going to allow her to live with her mother again. That may sound vain or pompous but I didn't think there would be any problem making child abuse charges against their momma stick if I had to.Knowing that their lives would be better with me gave me even more reason for doing what I was doing. I also realized that Suzie and Natalie were most certainly a package deal. It was doubtful that either one would be happy without the other. Just. Leaving math aside for now, Natsumi turned to her computer and checked the program she used for chat. Sakura was on and, like a moth drawn to flame, Natsumi went to talk to her. SuperNatsumi: hey beautiful SuperNatsumi: what are you up to? girldustin: i’m starting a novel SuperNatsumi: wow, you’re a lot more productive than me girldustin: not really girldustin: i’ll probably give this up after the first chapter girldustin: just like all the other ones SuperNatsumi: what’s it about? girldustin:. She followed and was feeling a bit foolish. She looked for the wardrobe to hang her coat. When she turned back to the bed, he was there, on her way, she almost bumped into him. He took her head in his hands and kissed her on the mouth. She closed her eyes and kissed him back passionately. She didn’t feel like a fool anymore. She wanted to be with him and feel him all around her and inside her. Before she had come to her senses, she had been gently swept on the bed and time had stopped. He was.

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