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Settling near the fishing community of Noyo, the three Humanoids used shockingly complex tactics to terrorize the town. Collectively the three Fish-Me... killed or wounded over 180 people, including raping and impregnating at least 40 local women before they were finally killed and the situation brought under control. In this case the resulting offspring were obvious Humanoids from birth and would burst from the wombs of their mothers, killing them in the process, if allowed to come to full term.. Deana opened her mouth, but her line wouldn't come out. Dinah glared at her."Let us be your girlfriends!" Dinah said moving in on the woman. "Show us what it's like to love a woman." What!!??" the young relative cried, appalled, as the two jerks closed in on him.Sprong!The sisters were thrown halfway across the room, where, though trying to keep on their feet, they fell the rest of the way.Sitting up in the open closet, Deana waved a fist at the weirdo. "You could've just said no!!"Pushing a. Soon, he joined the group of men in the robing room. A simple undecorated area that had a collection of brown robes hanging from iron hooks on the far wall. The north wall had an oak door set into it, banded with strips of ancient iron and a large metal handle. Next to the door was a wooden rack that held a number of finely decorated ceremonial daggers. Once the men were robed, they each took a dagger from the rack and then made their way quietly through the door. They filed past the stone. So, we stopped doing that and we left my house and went to the store. Lol. He got gum and I got some fruit snacks. He went home on the walk back.So, on thursday night he cam over like right after 9pm. We were in my room again and talked for a while. lol. We seem to talk alot. Anyway, we moved to the basement and got on the 3rd cpmputer. He was interested in seeing my porn collection. Lol. I showed him 3 vids from my collection and hed gotten horny. At this point I was horny, but not hard. Lol..

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