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"Well, maybe they can," Daddy grinned. "Got you thinking maybe you needed one?" Me?" I laughed then. "No! Of course not. I'm always good, you know tha...." Uh-huh," my dad nodded. "I haven't heard that since the last time you were writing a letter to Santa." Well, maybe I should write him another one." I snuggled a little bit closer, smelling my dad and closing my eyes. "Ask him for a pony maybe." Heh!" Daddy hugged me, his hand pressing against my hip just where it got soft and round and started. My family owns a successful drilling company based in Houston, and I’m head of the division that’s responsible for buying and selling drilling equipment. Our main thrust is petroleum, and we have oil drilling rigs all over the world, but we also drill for natural gas and even water in some especially arid areas. If it involves boring into the ground for whatever Mother Nature has produced down there, we’re the best there is. Over the years, my flight route has taken me over the acres and. As Rose stepped through, she noticedher ears gently popping. That told her that they had gained or lost somealtitude from their mile high starting point, but not too much. They werein what looked to Rose like some sort of jungle or rain forest. Shedidn't know enough about botany or geography to tell more from the treesand other plants.Other than them, there were only two language using minds at all nearby.One was human, one not. Rose was surprised that she could tell that much.It made sense in. That’s the typical driver dress in India. He was a bit talkative. He enquired everything about me. I told him the truth of my friend’s wedding and all. He also shared that he and his assistant Raju daily travels to Bikaner to supply stones to some factory. Raju had his sister’s wedding therefore he was not on board that day. That driver was interesting. He told me that it would take 5-6 hours to reach to Bikaner. I was fine with that.2 hours passed quickly and it was 6:30 in the evening. The.

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