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Once he had finished he was guided into the bathtub and the enemacommenced. He was rather clean due to the somewhat regular use of him. Shesmiled as s...e cleaned him up, and began to gently dry him off before gropinghis ass and slipping a finger inside.??Mmmm you feel very good My pet. I think you?rewell worn enough that I won?t need to use as much lube this time.?? He shivered and lightly squeezed her fingerand smiled.? ?Thank You Mistress,? Heblushed slightly. ?I like it when you take me.??He. ”Linda smiled and said, “I believe in hands-on training. Interested?” They both nodded slowly, not knowing where Aunt Jen was going with this.“Good. Linda, you go to my bathroom and take a shower. Wash and dry your hair. When you are finished, we’ll meet in my bedroom. I only want you to have a towel on. Bobby, you go to the downstairs shower and do the same. I want you both clean when we get started. Move.”They hesitated a little and moved to the showers. While they were in there,. After it was over, I thanked her for being so considerate.She then moved, pressed down, and my tongue got a full taste of honey. After a minute of my licking her hole, she shifted again, put her pussy on my mouth, and then went down and sucked my cock expertly. We both came soon after.Over the next month, my tonguing her honey flavored ass became more routine. Although her ass was still not as good as her pussy, seeing her ass up close did make blood flow to my cock. It also helped that she. Oh, I see, so the circus was here afterall and they were busy setting up tent in my pants. I couldn't move, I was stuck and she was still moving towards me. What do I do? Ignore her, show no interest in her as she stands right in front of you with those long legs of hers which you can almost see all of with the loose skirt she was wearing. I had to get up, I mean, what could she be thinking with me still kneeling in front of her, that I was going to propose to her? I don't think so. Putz comes.

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