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I watched him struggle to say something and beat him to it.“Leave it in, that is the only reason you don't see me.”I knew he wouldn't understand, ...ut I didn't want him to ask questions, and so I invoked lewd images of what I wanted him to do to me in his head, while resuming playing with him, diverting his attention. He rode my fingers faster, groaning as his warm milky seed splashed on my navel.I enjoyed the feeling of warm human cum on my body, but felt more desirable as his dick grew under. I told her my name struggling to keep my eyes off of her nipples which seemed to be poking even further out of her shirt then at the airport. Frank finished with the clerk and turned. She introduced me to him and we shook hands. We chatted for a minute and said good bye. They headed over to the elevator and I watched her ass sway as they walked away. It was mesmerizing. Once again I got caught watching her as she turned to enter the elevator and she winked. She then proceeded to brush something. Should he, or shouldn’t he? Fighting the evil thoughts racing through his head. Should he, or shouldn’t he? Putting down the magazine, he leaned back and closed his eyes. Should he, or shouldn’t he? Trying his best to keep the evil thoughts at bay. Should he, or shouldn’t he? Picking the magazine up yet again, he slid it home. Should he, or shouldn’t he? Ring. Damn, there goes the phone. Why must someone call when he was in this state? Getting up from his chair, he padded barefoot into the. It was on my mind for the entire week, and I kept replaying the whole episode over and over again. It was the most surreal thing: I mean, how many regular Joes like me get to have sex with a hot number like that. I had the vision in my mind all week of that beautiful round ass pumping up and down in front of me as she did squats. It never failed to get me hard as a rock.Some guys would have probably just been happy to have a one off like that but I kept thinking that maybe, just maybe, I might.

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