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. of the girl's penises ... in many ways they have the appetite of men." Your mistake is this," said Lena settling her voice into lecture mode, "you a...e assuming a uniformity in a community where there is little except appearance. There are many reasons boys become girls. Some boys were born the wrong sex and need vaginas. Some boys were born the wrong sex, but understand losing the penis is far too traumatic, even if in every other way they are women. Some boys just want to be boys with the. ”Then I asked, “Is this where you girls got the idea that incest was good?”Crystal said, “Yes. All of these books say how much it heightens their sexual arousal. The magazines are of fathers and brothers fucking the young girls. The movies are quite graphic but I couldn’t find anything for the old movies and our VHS machine broke a couple of years ago.”I took Crystal up to the living room and we waited for my wife to come home. She was surprised to find me there but I told her that I had gotten. I was moaning. Now Karan pushed me to suck his cock.I bent and started sucking as he started fingering my ass. We continued on the sofa for over half an hour. Karan asked us to move us to the bedroom. We both grabbed Karan cock as we walked towards the bedroom. Both our hands could barely cover half his cock.After moving on the bed, it was my turn to go first. I bent in doggy position, Raj was in front of me, kissing me and then I felt the Omg moment as Karan slid inside my boi pussy.My mouth. ‘Like I’m me, but not me,’ I said, marvelling at the sensuality of my female voice. She laughed, ‘Well, Karen, my girl, let’s go back up to the room where we can get a better look at you…I can already see that I’m going to have some stiff competition with you in that form, because from what I can see in this light, you are at least as pretty as me, if not moreso!’ I shook my head again in wonder as all the feminine sensations of a woman that I had only dreamed about suddenly asserted.

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