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Jill gasps, her mouth opens enough for Rory’s tongue to sweep inside. Then it opens further, allowing more as she responds back.Maintaining and deep...ning the kiss, Rory slides completely over her brother to land right onto top of Jill. They giggle into the kiss, rolling to their sides, slightly away from Chance. Rory squeezes the other’s nipple with a firmness that causes Jill to pull away from the kiss to moan her pleasure. Rory simply smiles and draws the breasts to her mouth to start licking. She made a slight moan and she began to touch my hands. I couldnt believe what i was experiancing. I could feel her nipples hardening and her breathing became faster. I started to move my head by her neck . I gave a kiss on her neck side. And she moaned louder than before. I knew this was my chance and freed her eyes and used my hands to press her boobs. Oh my godd, what a soft melons , like i thought, she was not wearing her lingerie. I hugged her like she was mine and started pressing her. I demonstrated my appreciation by unzipping the fly of his pants and squeezing his semi-hard penis frequently. When we finished the light meal, we were both wet, Louis with pre-cum at the tip of his penis and I with a very moist pussy. I excused myself to go to the ladies’ room, while he settled the bill. I could sense and often indeed witnessed a number of patrons openly ogling me as I slinked gracefully through restaurant in my sexy gown and sky-high heels. I knew that Louis would find the. Not only that, but this bitch is very talented. She knows how to fuck like a man! I can feel her thrust it deep into my puss, then give it a twirl before drawing it backwards. I can't tell that it's not the real thing. I keep waiting for it to explode. But, of course, unlike my ex-hubby, this one will stay hard forever.Carol keeps pounding me. Over and over. In and out. Up and down. God, this is great! Who needs a hubby when you have a friend with benefits like her? As I begin to lose myself in.

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