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He loathed the winter’s cold but at least it made him feel alive, awaking him to the fact he still had his wits. The dry docked boats still wore winter covers some of which were white but most were that ugly shade of blue. “Who ever picked out that color?” he wondered. “Is it the by-product of some cheap manufacturing process that produces a color like that? God knows I’d never choose that. Why don’t they make them tarps in some color like gray.” Passing the land-locked power and. "But I don't know if everyone else wants to go out with us." Actually, I'd love to go," said Lisa. "I mean that's why I came here." Hell, count me in," said Kat. "But Bill, you do know that I'm definitely too sexy for my swimsuit."They all laughed again at Bill's expense who graciously accepted their verbal slings and arrows once more. And they all got ready to go back to the beach.As Lisa, Meredith and Mark were putting on their clothes to go out the beach Kat said, "Crap, my suit is still. We then proceed to the hotel restaurant for a nice dinner. During the dinner we talked a lot after having some wine about our past and present and he was teasing me how I never let him have me except foreplays and me giving him oral sex.After the dinner he asked me if I would like to follow him to the room to see his wedding pictures and I followed him. I really enjoyed his company and didn’t have any bad intention, like a nice companion you tend to spend some time without knowing the same way. What happened next wasn’t a blow job. It was a face fuck. Fast and rough. The only silver lining for Lisa was that it didn’t last long. Steven was soon cuming, leaving Lisa gaging and spitting as slimy strands of cum trailed from her mouth.Steven handed her a wet towel. “Here. Clean up your mess.”Lisa wiped her face off as Steven put his pants back on. “You and your son will be going back up to the bedroom soon. Don’t think about telling your son what’s going on. Things will not end well. We.

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