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" And I love you, Dr. Madison," Don whispered."Then take me to bed and prove it," Kelly whispered back. "Show me it can still be good after last night..."It took a lot of work, but by Monday night they had three small camera and transmitter units which could send video and sound to the receiver and recording unit hidden in her purse. Each camera was only an inch long, and half that in diameter. Since they only needed to operate for twelve hours or so, one battery would power each unit - if they. They helped me to my room. I cleaned up and tried to relax with my baby. Somehow I had gotten pregnant from being fucked by the stranger. I guess after I recovered the vet would run some tests to find out how. This changed everything. This was a human baby not a calf and nobody was going to take him away from me. They brought me diapers and things I would need to take care of him. I had plenty of milk for him so whenever he got hungry I was ready.A few days later the vet ran some tests on me. No speaking i demand and she wimpers" but but i havent eaten" smack! I head to the kitchen as kim does what she wants, in the kitchen i grab a pack of hot dogs and some chocolate pudding. I hear moaning coming from the basement, kim is having a good time so i grab a cup of coffee. As i walk down the steps kim is straddling alexas ass pumping her hard cock deep in her ass. Her balls smacking alexas balls hard. With a loud moan kim pulls out of alexas gaping whole and sprays a huge thick load in. You rub your clit and clench him with your body as it starts to shake uncontrollably in pleasure. You try to talk and say fuckkk but only groan unintelligible like an animal.As the waves subside he emerges, still hard and erect. You breath deep smiling wondering if he came inside you while you were oblivious. He lifts himself slightly. You think it over and what a wonderful massage when he sits up and puts his hand on your back. Still smiling, and relaxed, you wait and wonder what the tip.

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