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. that feels so fucking good.”“OK, well the only thing I know to do now is to put one in my mouth and suck it. If it feels good doing that, I’d ...ay that you got normal nipples, they’re just really pointy and super sensitive.”“Ohhhhhhhhhhh Myyyyyyyyyyyyy Fuuuuuccckkkiiinngggg God ... Uncle Luther Tucker, I could cum with you sucking me like that.”“Really?”“Yes, just keep sucking and I’ll show you.”“OK here goes, I’m gonna get some of the other one too and then mash them together and try to get. “Splinter” I replied and showed him. “Fuck that looks nasty” he said “You’ll need some help with that. I’ll go and tell the SM you’re out of action for a few minutes” and off he went to let the Stage Manager know.In order to see properly - my “nurse” took both my hand and forearm – and gripped it across her chest – whilst with the other hand and some tweezers from her handbag – she probed the splinter. As she worked I gradually became aware – that my upper fore arm was directly across her left. ‘Well, the lead ship is definitely a Spanish galleon, and by the way she’s riding so low in the water, I would be welling to bet she’s loaded with gold dablooms, fine Spanish lace and silk as well as spices. I see no reason why this ghost ship should grab all the booty, now do you Scotty?’ Scotty chuckled, ‘No sir Cap’n as a matter of fact I took the liberty of telling the boys to be ready. You know, just in case you decided we needed a little diversion.’ ‘You’re a good man Scotty’ Rayne. They both had good jobs and were liked by their friends and family. So everything seemed normal and almost perfect.This story begins when Graham and Tracy decided to finally get the dogs they wanted. He chose a Doberman, called Garrus, and she picked a Rottweiler, named Wrex. They both talked long about it and planned accordingly before so financially and knowledge wise they were prepared.The dogs listened and did get a good training. They loved their owners and they loved to play with each.

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