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I can feel the heat through her thin dress as I press my finger between her pussy lips and grind back and forth. She moans slightly and moves her hips...forward, giving me easier access, and quickly unzips my fly, my freed cock springing up out of the zipper. Her fingers start to caress the swollen tip, massaging the pre-cum dribbling out of the slit into the taut skin. My fingers slides back and forth quicker over her pussy, then I lift up her dress and run my fingers over her tiny silk panties.. He might just hafta call some black guy to come help him out", Rita says smiling as she rolls out of bed.They go downstairs and I debate whether to take a shower or wait and take one with them. Then I remember the dildo up my ass the last time I allowed them to clean me and I jump in the shower alone. When I finally walk down the stairs I smell bacon cooking and my stomach growls with anticipation. I hear the grease in a skillet pop and a loud "Ouch" and hear Mac say, "Damn that grease. Later, a lovely naked woman climbed out of bed, emptied herself of juices in the bathroom, and came back in."It's very strange, my personal memories seem to be gone, yet I know I am a lawyer." Mine are gone too, but I know I am a scientist. Wayne, I think that's my name, Dr. Wayne Szalinski. I remember hearing it when I got my diploma."The woman's lovely blue eyes widened. "I must be Diane Szalinski - I remember that name, too."They searched their room. They saw pictures of themselves, read. Ned nodded. "Oh, yes. I did study medicine, you know."The professor leaned over, peering at the white bones. "Well, atleast she was immune to the curse, whatever it may be." Heabruptly straightened and turned his way back to exploring thetomb, already dismissing the female skeleton.* * * * * * * * * *With a mighty heave, the stone door slid, a crack at first, then asthe crack gave better handholds, the crack widened, until thehuge stone suddenly slid to the side, exposing a rough-hewnstone.

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