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They were moaning, loving it. The incestuous sight made my dick ache. I wanted to do more naughty things with them.Then their mouths met in a cum-fill...d kiss.“Goddamn,” I muttered as I watched their tongues passing my pearly spunk back and forth.Their lips worked together. I caught flashes of their tongues while more of my cum dripped off their faces. I grinned, loving this delight. It was an amazing treat. I may have lost the bet, my sister might own my car and would let Dad breed her instead. ItWas a small table only my belly was on top of it my tits were outsideThe table always clamped and with weights and the decided that theWeights were too small, took out the 8 oz. Ones and suspended very heavyOnes. I think they suspended more than two pounds of each of my nipples.Oh my god the pain!! With clover clamps the pressure increases with theWeight and my poor tits were really in pain.Then they fucked my ass. They took the plug out, used some lubricant andEach one used my hole. They. My rock hard 7 inches throbbed with every heartbeat. This is either going to be incredible or incredibly awful I thought as I began to dress.First, the garters and black thigh highs with the line up the back. Then the black lace panties over those. Next I slipped on my 5 inch black stilettos with the little black ankle straps. On went my little one piece black dress. I thought about tucking my cock back but decided against it. Instead I let the front of my dress stand at attention and thought. She eventually parted my butt cheek and sniffed my asshole. She stretched licked and sucked my asshole for long time while stroking my dick with one hand.My cock got it’s full strength back in the mean time. She started to suck it again forcefully deeper than ever. Now she told me,’sab ab tumra mardangi dekneka hai. She asked me what I wanted to fuck her pussy or ass. I wasn’t surprised at all I said I wanted to go in her both holes. She was happy.She got naked, spread her legs and pulled me on.

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