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I still can't get over it." Shh, here comes Lily."Lily rushed up, but with Carol and Julia on my arms, there was no easy way for Lily to hug me. Lily ...topped short, then said, "Welcome. You good, Mark?" Very good, thank you."Ava giggled. As far as Ava was concerned, I was VERY, VERY good."We worry about you gone. Was trouble?" No, it wasn't trouble. I was researching an idea I had. It just took longer than I expected."Ava giggled again, causing Lily to look at Ava wonderingly.I added, "Ava. She even named it for them, Grandma and Grandpa Morton. She experimented with sauces and recipes on herself and a few good friends, who as often as not urged her to ‘get a life’. Kate’s immediate and usual response was that she indeed had a life and the one that she favored, thank you very much! The dream continued to be weird and suddenly in a strange and unaccountable way, piercing. It was then that Kate woke. She woke to the brash, startling sound of the smoke alarm somewhere in the house,. Jenny was brought out of her reverie when Curtley suddenly asked, “Do you mind if I leave my things here with you and have a swim?”“No, not at all,” she replied.Curtley then got up and removed his shorts, revealing a snug fitting hipster bathing suit. Jenny eyes practically spun in her head when she saw the substantial outline of his knob, anchored by a large bulge where his balls were obviously located. As Curtley stood looking down at her, it was as if was presenting her with a billboard. She sat next to the slice from a giant redwood which had been dated, by its rings, back to long before the Magna Carta had been signed. Her head bowed, eyes staring approximately one foot in front of her toes. He knew that she had seen him by the shiver of anticipation.He sat down next to her. Still, she did not move. Good girl. She showed promise.She was of medium height; he could gauge, dark brown shoulder length hair, cut perfectly. Her hands were immaculate, clean, well manicured.

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