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"So what's going on?" Joshua asks his counterpart as he catches up to him."I'm here on a mission, to help set the timeline right." Zero explains."A mi...sion? The timeline?" Joshua asks."Why, yes." A voice comes from behind them as they stop.Joshua looks over his shoulder to see an older black man standing behind him."God?" Joshua says."Yes, Joshua." God says."Are you sure you want me to help him? I mean ... he seems like he's fine like this." Zero says."That is why I had you come here." God. This eye contact was not out of the lust or the wave in which were flowing away, this was an eye contact arising out of all the love sparks, the chemistry we shared, the bond we had between us and it was simultaneously oozing out of our bodies, minds and soul. I said to her, this time with authority and maturity. “I love you, Avantika. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Would you be my life partner?” She had a tear on her left eye , and she said “Yes, Pankaj. I cannot think of anyone. G, Carlota, you never said your husband was such a hunk” “I never got to tell you anything because you always dropped our calls” she replied. “You were always busy with your ‘boytoy’, speaking of, what happened with him?” “Ah well, it turned out that he was using drugs and well, he got killed during a raid at his friend’s house” “Oh my god, Lando I’m so sorry I asked” “Ano ka ba, it’s fine. He was just a boytoy, remember? But he did had one of the biggest dick I’ve ever sucked” “Lando” began. .Tammy must have beckoned to Gilly to come over to the bed because all of a sudden she climbed on top of me facing my ass and her hands spread my cheeks wide, her weight holding my down and then ....finally a fingernail sc****d my hole, not enter just sc****d it, as her other hand firmly took hold of my balls and pulled them away from my body, then finally she entered me, wiggled it round and popped it out , oh fuck, fuck do it again pleassssssssssssse my ass rising, begging to be filled,.

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