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There was a moment of silence as he admired the massive railguns, their original Navy grey painted over with crude desert camouflage.“We’re airtig...t,” he finally said. Even standing a foot apart, they had to use the local network, as the storm was loud enough to drown them out. “The Rask aren’t getting inside the hull, even if they find a way to reach the gantry.”“Good,” Brenner muttered. “We think we know what direction they’ll be coming from, we have the element of surprise, and we’re firing. The girls stayed up late catching up with each other and showering affection on Kate and Rick’s Great Dane, Trojan. Trojan in turn loved all the attention and kept shoving his nose in their crotches. Suzanne commented on how “very friendly” Trojan has always been, causing the others to laugh. Kate had to quickly turn around at this comment so the others could not see her grinning…Then Kate leered at Trojan, eliciting another round of laughs!Kate thought this might be an opportune time to remind. "As we've discovered, justbecause you are attracted to your spouse in one gender doesn't mean youstill find each other attractive when you switch. Should that mean thenthat you should enter into relationships with people other than yourspouse when you're in your other form? Should you even be able to wed,to be in one marriage as a woman and another as a man? There are peoplealready doing this on an informal basis but so far the government hasresisted calls from those who want to legalise such. " -- That puzzled them. Julia was just smiling happily, knowing me well enough by now to know a joke was coming. "When Julia was summarizing, she said I was an incredible athlete, and you all nodded your agreement. She said I was an incredible genius and you nodded." Some of them started getting it, so I had to rush on. "Incredibly nice, you nodded. Incredible ass, and you whooped it up BIG TIME! Julia invited you because you've all got DIRTY minds!"They reveled in it! I particularly liked the.

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