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They use their front four tentacles for manipulation and their rear four tentacles for the control of ambulation, but most of the work of surface move...ent is undertaken by the suit AI. They steer but do not do much active movement as water movement and land movement are so different for them. On their ship they sleep in small tanks, but most of the day is spent in their suits as it is less practical to use fluid filled ships.“We were able to penetrate their ship AIs and also battle AIs and. We ran up the stairs both giggling, “Oh my god Mel, what a pig! I mean, did you notice how he just kept staring at my tits? Who let him in??” As we approached the bedroom door Melanie turned around to me and dropped the biggest bombshell of my 22 living years. “Actually, that pig is my boyfriend”, now with a stern look on her face. “Oh shit. I am SO sorry”, I replied, (a statement with double meaning), suddenly frozen stiff from fear, shock and total embarrassment. As I awaited her to respond,. She turned her head to me and kissed me.She said through labored breath “That was awesome!” I told her “That was an orgasm and you will have many of them. Some will be intense some will be small.” She lay there quietly in my arms for a few moments then fell asleep. She woke about an hour later, I was sitting on the floor playing a video game. She came up behind me and hugged me. “Can we do that again?” She asked. I told her “Yes we can but we can you wait a while.”She said “OK, I'm going. She was a very pretty and popular girl.Alex stammered a minute and said, “Oh, hi, Beth, I’m just out here waiting for Allie to pick up a pizza.”Beth said, “Yeah, me too. My dad’s waiting for me in the car. So, how is your summer going? You and Allie still working at the Dairy Freeze?”He said, “Yup. It’s pretty cool working there in the summer.”Beth laughed at Alex’s pun and said, “I bet it is. You getting excited about senior year?”Alex said, “Oh, yeah. It should be a lot of fun. We’ll rule the.

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