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After a few vicious jabs of his cock head down her throat, he released her. Each man showed her in turn how he liked to have his cock sucked. It was a...great lesson for her to have to suck their cocks and learn new licking and swallowing techniques. Then came the fucking, each man in turn at a nod from Daley taking his place with Louise in the center of the mattress.In the freestyle gangbang, each man in turn chose a sex position to fuck her cunt. Naturally, their choices tended to reflect their. He asked me what I had in my bag and I told what it was and he wanted to see it so I took them out he admired them and asked which one I would like to wear, I picked out a red satin thong and went into the bathroom to change. Slipping into my shorts with the thong underneath Dan and I continued to chat just being in the room with him I had a constant erection and it was beginning to ache. I put my hand on his leg he took the hint and we went into his lavish bedroom sitting on the edge of his. In our sixth month at our new home, AI informed us that Sharon was pregnant, and her egg would be dropped in six-month's time. "Her egg!?" That was when AI got around to informing us of the changes in our reproductive system. We men would not notice any practical changes, but the women would experience a radical change. Namely, the women would be laying eggs instead of producing the kind of babies that they had expected.AI explained that the egg would have an extensible shell and would not. The cashier looked familiar to me. My mind began shuffling through its files to remember where I had seen her. “Mrs.Parker” I said with doubt in my voice. “Not Mrs. Parker any more “ she said.”I divorced that bum.” “Do I know you?” she said, studying my face. “ James, I used to live across from you in Seattle.” “ James,” she said. “My, you’ve grown up.” “When did you move out here” I questioned? “A couple of years ago, met a guy and came out here.” “Where you heading,” she ask? “No where.

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