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Получилась этакая поза «берёзка, но без вытянутых вверх ног. В этой позе попка суп�...уги торчала вверх, и её можно было трахать со двух сторон сразу. Двоё ёбарей, подойдя к ней со спины и со стороны лица, начали одновременно вставлять свои члены в ёё попку. Члены были большие. Супруге было больно. Она начала стонать, но ёбари не обращали на неё никакого внимания. Вставив члены наполовину, они начали трахать её. Постепенно попка раскрывалась всё больше, и члены входили глубже. Супруга привыкла к. "As Tamara sank to her knees, her defiant resolve sabotaged, Ritastepped back and settled into the couch, propping her legs up on thecoffee table. Her bare feet were conveniently positioned in front ofTamara's face, and the former boy stared upon them with a sense ofyearning."You may service my tired feet now, Tammy Porntoy," Rita cooed.Tamara could feel the rush of excitement going through her as shebegan licking at the undersides of the debutante's feet. Her mouthclosed over each of her toes,. I kissed each of them several times, but then I had to lick them."Yes, take what's so bad, yet, so good. I know Gary wouldn't like it, but it doesn't make anything feel bad, does it?" No."I couldn't see her face so well, but we stared the best we could and eyefucked each other yet again. She even moved back and forth a bit, but I still had her melons in my hands, so I followed them easily.I couldn't lick them as easily in that position, but I still loved the feeling. Of course, the actual taste. I think she’s part Irish and French she told me.She enters my stall and she stares at me. ‘Well what have you been doing?’ she looks shocked. Remember I told you I was the slightly modest type? Well I fooled her!I didn’t answer her question. I walked over to her and did what I had always longed for. I kissed her, hard and slow. My tongue sloshed against the back wall of her throat and I tugged her hand, locked the washroom stall and pushed her up against a wall. It seemed like hours as we two.

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