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"How girlish," I groaned. "A joke!" she said with a smile of relief. "You must feel better." "I'm not sure what I feel," I admitted, tr...ing to organize scattered thoughts. "Uh, you were saying something about . . . uh . . . this not being permanent?" "God, love! You don't think I'd maim you!" "No - but you've got to admit that I . . . that this looks pretty damned real." "Of course it does! It *is* real, as far as it goes. Breast implants and a couple of. Ak sal bad decembr ka month tha thand bi achi khasi te or anni or richer hmry ghar ayy or hmy apni anniversary pr invite kiya to ham ny kha zaror ayn gay lakin phr agy hi din mujy company ka kam s yak week ka liya dosry city jana par gaya to ma ny anni ko excuse kiya or kha ka rani zaror ay ge or ma subha hi nikal gaya dophr ma anni ai rani sy milny to rani ny us sy pocha ka anni tmy kya gift chaiya apni anniversary pr to us phly to anni ny kha kuch ni baby bs tm ajana phr kuch dair bad anni. That is when I got interested in you’, I said kissing her cheek and the hair.’‘All said and done you are a mother fucker, ammana mele ase pado poli jati nindu’ she said.‘Mom haven’t you read incest stories that are in your porn library, tell me frankly?’Mom had kept her hand on my pants now, feeling my erect dick.‘I read a bit of it, but I never thought of you, ninna appa baidange baibeku’, she said squeezing my dick. Meaning I should scold you like your dad does.‘enantha amma?’ I asked. She. They told mummy that they lives in a joined family and when he is in the office his wife get bore for the whole day. Then they went off after an hour. After few days I saw Sunil bhaiya and her wife were standing at the bus stop, waiting for something. She had weared a blue saree having her pallu on her head, light pink lipstick on her lips and looking awesome. I went to them on my bike and asked that what are they doing there? Sunil bhaiya replied that her wife is going in a marriage cermony.

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