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Broad shoulders, hard nipples. He had a dusting of hair betweenhis perfect pecs and a treasure trail to his pubic bush. Big dick, pointing8 inches Muscular legs and thighs. High arches on his feet. He stoodnaked like a Greek statue, comfortable as if he were fully clothed.He gave me a second to drink him in, then ordered "Suck me." Now I reallyfell on my knees and took his massive tool into my mouth. I brought my handsup to his thighs and butt. Everything was hard and firm. I sucked. "Great. See you later.", she said turning back to her spreadsheet. The craziness continued for the rest of the day and I my feet barely touched the bare earth. One meeting rolled into the next and before I knew it I was in the 4pm stand-up managers meeting in the factory. Despite the chaos we were delivering on-time so the meeting was no more than a perfunctory run through the weeks achievements and plan for next week. I was on my way to Jaimee's office by 4.40pm when I remembered the food. We only had another 40 min till our next class. I started to get to work on her tasty tits. I started kissing her neck and slowly came down her left boob. I caressed her tit and started to lick with the tip of my tongue. Then I sucked softly. Moving up I nibbled at her ear. You have such gorges tits. I say. Then I say can I play with your feet. Ive got ahhhh um foot fetish. Ok I love having my feet played with. I take off her sandals and note her feet have a slight tinge. I lick up and down.. It was when Julie licked a large dollop of pearlescent sperm from her lip and pulled it into her mouth; openly savoring the taste before swallowing it. As the memory of the pretty physician swallowing Jamie’s thick semen ran through her mind, Charlotte’s hands found their way into the folds of her robe, with one moving to her full round breasts, and the other directly to the warm, wet spot between her legs. She let out a soft moan as her middle finger stroked her swollen pussy lips, coating the.

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