Newly Married Couple Fuck After Shower mp4

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A newly married couple are having great sex and every thing is going fine with them. But soon the sex becomes stale as it is very predictive and nothing is new so the couple start experimenting and try new stuff.

One night after the husband comes back home from the office the wife start flirting with him and soon the husband also gets aroused and the two start flirting with each other and the wife goes in to the shower to take a bath.

Newly Married Couple fuck after hot wife bathes and comes nude from shower

The married auntie starts taking her clothes off as she gets in the shower and starts washing her body and applies soap on her big natural boobs and starts massaging them as she rubs the soap and then starts washing the soap from all her body and rubs her boobs and navel and ass to remove the soap. The auntie plays with her body for a while caressing her boobs and ass and then gets out of the shower nude.

The wife gets out of the shower nude and then goes to her husband. The husband is surprised seeing his wife nude after bathing and instantly gets turned on and starts kissing her and playing with her naked body. The husband starts pressing her boobs and squeezes her ass and spanks it as she mauls her breasts in one hand fingers her in her pussy with his other hand.

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