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An important thing I noticed wasthat Julie had quite sizeable breasts, something Jake certainly hadn'thad."Are those-?" I began, pointing towards the ...irl's tits. Florencenodded."Yup, all real! Thanks to an intensive hormone regimen and proper diet,Julie has got a lovely B cup all by herself!" Besides herself, Juliealmost seemed to give a proud little smile."And, what about-?" I hazarded, lowering my finger towards Julie'sgroin."Show Ashley, Julie." Marcus smiled, enjoying my curiosity, or. ” I said. “How did you feel while you were watching me? Hmmm?”“Well….I felt really excited and very……hot, it was amazing once again.”He answered. “That’s exactly how I feel now.”“I really want to watch you. I promise.” I insisted. He reached down and took hold of his throbbing cock and began to rub the wet leaking good all over the head. I watched every move he made. He slowly began to stroke himself for me.“Why don’t you just lean back and pretend that I’m not here.” I suggested.He did as I. Had to call him something. The troop had raided a dump used for medical wastes and several severely nasty diseases jumped the spiecies barrier and killed off all but 37 of the baboons. They were dying until revived in medtubes. Yes, all those humans awaiting evacuation from Planet Earth and I wind up with three dozen baboons. The baboon laboratory had several purposes.One was a genetic repository. Someone high up in the Confederacy food chain had determined that saving a sample of Earth's. Still holding my hair he pulled me up and letting go, took hold of my hand and led me from the bedroom, down the stairs and out of the back door. We walked a couple of blocks and came to his favourite tavern where he ushered me in. There were a half a dozen men sitting around the bar as we moved up to the bar, took a seat on two stools and he ordered two drinks. After a couple of more rounds, he was feeling really good and I had started to feel a bit tipsy myself. It was then two pals of.

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