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" Samantha yelled back. When Nick hesitated she punched the dashboard smashing it in. "What the hell are you doing? Are you insane?" Nick yelled pulli...g off the freeway. When the car stopped Samantha got out and rushed off to a group of trees. Nick pissed off headed after ready to have it out. When he caught up to her he found her crying. Nick stopped short confused unsure of what he should do next. He saw her shoulders shudder with each sob. Guilt washed over him after he thought how harsh he. "You like sucking BBC don't you white boi?" I took the dick from my mouth and before I could say "Yes sir." I felt him smack the side of my face saying, "Who told you to stop sucking my dick boi?" As fast as I could I put his dick back in my mouth. This went on for awhile me sucking, him telling me to suck my black dick boi and more wetness on my leg. Just as I was getting comfortable with his BBC in my mouth and taking about half of it. He grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my. For the rest of the evening, cocks are pummelled into my orifices. I put on shows having all three holes fucked at the same time as well as wanking others. Cocks are wanked between my tits, women slap my flesh and spit on me, callind me a whoreing slut, I am given objects to wank myself off with, and I am also made to lick and probe with my tongue the womens musty cunts and all the men assholes. After every man had either fucked one or all of my holes, my master took me outside followed by the. She pushed back to amplify her pleasure. With that, I pumped away until we both came with shuddering cries of passion. After climaxing and filling her beautiful ass with my hot cum, she begged me not to leave her. I stayed deep inside of her as she slowly rocked back and forth on my cock. Within minutes, she had my cock rock hard again! We continued to fuck for nearly an hour, until we saw the night security approaching! On the ride back to her house, she commented on the latex gloves that I.

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