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“I’m going to own this pussy!” He whispered softly but assertively.“You can own everything!” I whispered, blowing warm breath into his expos...d ear.“I’ll be sliding my cock in your ass before the night is out!” He said, his breath tickling and arousing the erogenous zone of my aural cavity. My neck shivered as the tingling nerves up and down my spine sprung to life.Calvin sat in the dining chair, his trousers unbuckled, with the biggest cock I had ever seen, thrusting for his groin. The length. Even now, my body was being pushed beyond human limits.After what seemed like forever, they picked me up again and took me into the toilets. Laying my breasts inside the bowl and putting my face and head inside the uplifted seat, they used shoe strings from their uniforms to tie my hands together. Then they attached my ankles to the stall frames. Next would come the most pain I had ever experienced. An unknown dick cracked open my beautiful ass for the first time ever. My scream echoed off of. Melissa rubbed the big gold ring, with multi coloured gems, on her lefthand, an image in her mind, of how she was going to punish those teensfor their behaviour.She remembered how when she was 3 or 4, her grandfather would sit her onhis lap, and read stories to her. The teens were sitting in just theright spot to help brighten up the park, and help people remember thegood times with their grandparents. Melissa finished lunch, got up anddeposited the rubbish in the trash.Then walked over to the. Die meisten Menschen sahen durch mich hindurch. Meine Sekretärin begrüßte mich wie immer und brachte mir eine Tasse Kaffee. Wie unterhielten uns ein wenig über das vergangene Wochenende und dann ließ sie mich in meinem Büro alleine zurück.Durch die geschlossene Bürotür hörte ich, wie meine Sekretärin telefonierte. Ich klatschte in die Hände und wollte mich an die Arbeit machen. Aber was war das? Kein Geräusch drang mehr durch die Türe. Außerhalb meines Büros war es totenstill. Ich blieb.

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