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You want men to do anything they want to you. So long as a male is in the room you are turned on. You will beg your father to use you however he wants... You will beg both your father and Roger to fuck you and forgive you for your actions. You will do everything Roger says. Until Roger's voice says this key phrase you will obey your father." Rogers voice whispered, "You are my free bird."They kept Amy in the attic for 5 days total. Amy's father got home from work and removed the plugs from her as. She knelt between my legs as I lay prone on the bed. Her lips found myknees and she kissed them. I shuddered.She worked her way up my thighs; softly kissing my stocking-clad flesh;her fingers stroked my calves, then the backs of my knees and then herfingers caressed my thighs. She rucked up my skirt and I lifted my headto see her face hovering above my groin. She lowered her face and I feelher soft lips nuzzle my cock through my silky satin panties."Oh God!" I groaned as she kissed my shaft and. ’’Looking at me with a lovely smile on her face, May asked, ‘’and what’s that?”Sure May would agree, I gasped, ‘’Instead of staying here, how about we go into my bedroom?’’All May could manage was a nod so, happy with what was about to happen, I opened the fridge and took out three drinks, giving one to May who promptly took it to Janice.When she returned, she took her drink from me then, standing in front of me, she said softly, “You know, Bill, I wasn’t going to wear my school uniform. I kept my throat open and didn't let out as much as a whimper. Once in a she would pause, and I saw an eye watching my throat get assaulted. That made me even harder than before, her throat assault making me pretty stiff anyway.She saw what I was looking at. She pulled her cock out of my throat and mouth with a 'fplop' sound."I think this guy needs service. Go do your thing cocksucker, and stand up while you do it!"By then his hard cock was through the hole, and my throat engulfed it with.

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