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God, so fucking big, Christ Tommy, Christ, oh yeah, ohhhhhh... Her voice sunk into hardly understandable mumbling, as her hips moved with mine. I coul... look down and see Liz's eyes on me, staring up at my cock embedded in the skinny whore, still sucking vigorously.I got close to cumming after a couple of minutes, and waited for Elaine to get off. I knew she was close, her hips were humping harder, and she was alternating between sucking juice from Liz and lifting her head to groan. I reached. Rajesh: u r really a nice cock sucker Roshy(nalla panna da kudhi)I then took off my panties. Took my dick in his hands. And pressed it harder. I was crying in pain.He then turned around me. And inserted his middle finger into my ass. Then inserted his second finger then his third. He was finger fucking my ass. I was moaning in pain. Bt I liked it. He was holding my dick with the other hand. He then took out his fingers. And inserted his 9″ dick into my ass. I cried ahhhh. He was fucking my ass. She said “ wat r u doing naresh..??”“ priya I luv u. Since the day I have seen u at airport I wanted to make love to u”She said “ Naresh am a married women, u should be ashamed of sayin dat”I said “priya, u so irresistible wat should I do. I have never seen such a beauty before”She blushed “ but naresh am a married women, I cant even think bout it” “ priya it means u too want it but u r afraid that wat ppl wud say. Dear no body will knew bout it & I just want a kiss wats wrong in dat” She. I went around to open her legs wider and as I did one gets undressed ready to fuck her as she sucked on the other.So the picture is she is sucking and fucking over the small table with drinks and food on it. It was beautiful. I could see that the mate getting the blow job was not far off from cumming and sure enough he blew all over her face and hair. As soon as he was done the other mate moved in front for his turn and she started to suck his long thin cock. The guy fucking her was banging her.

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