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"Yeah, suck my dick ... little sister," he said reluctantly. Kristy was visibly aroused at this statement and began to suck his dick more vigorously.S...e stopped for a second and looked up at him. "Yes, I am a big whore for big brother's dick, aren't I?" she asked quickly before getting back to work. Aaron decided to ignore this weirdness and concentrate on the fact that a hot chick was sucking his dick. He reached his finger down and started to finger her pussy, causing her to whimper a. ” He moaned while his ten inch thick cock began to thicken and vibrate. I knew he was shooting a nice big load down my throat and into my stomach. Thankfully he pulled his cock out of my throat shooting a nice big load over my tongue for me to savour as he pulled his cock out of my mouth he spurted another couple of loads over my head, hair and face. I heard him taking a deep breath as I looked up at him.From behind Shane had pulled his throbbing cock out of my ass spurting at least a. .." Is that any way to serve me?" she asked, looking me up and down and lifting the eyebrow higher. I gave her a blank look, and she nodded towards the floor of the deck in front of her.Hoping I was interpreting correctly, I knelt, and held the bottle up towards her like an offering. "Please accept this humble token of my eternal devotion?" I said tentatively."Yeah! You go, girl!" cheered one of the smokers, a blonde woman I didn't recognize, stubbing out her cigarette and clapping. Meg. .... then I realized she had took her bra off and her blouse was so sheer she might as well have been topless "fucking hell" I exclaimed unable to tear my eyes away her boobs were fantastic great big rounds of boob flesh tipped with rosy brown coloured nipples the size of a two pound coin and she was showing them to me!! "I take it you like them ....judging by your reaction" she laughed " im.... absolutely amazed" I spluttered "they are fucking gorgeous" I addedI just couldnt look away "I am.

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