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Faces and bodies glowed with an admixture of rainwater and sweat that ensured that clothing remained sodden. The tent was filled far beyond its intend...d capacity and as people milled about they were forced to squeeze past each other’s sweaty, clammy bodies. In the midst of all this I had the most enormous erection. I had, of course, been sneaking to the toilets at intervals during the day to relieve my needs and I had intended to do so again before leaving, but now I was trapped. One young. I heard a pound on the door, then the door slamopen. "Mom says wake up and get out of bed before you're late forschool," my sister said bluntly. I groaned and pulled my comforter overmy head."I'm not getting up," I said, half-asleep and half-mumbling."Yes you are. I'm not going to miss my meeting this morning." What meeting Alex?" The meeting that my friends and I have once a week before school."Alexandra Logan is my 18 year old sister. She's a senior at Jackson Highand one of the most popular. The familiar, authoritarian voice cut through the fog of her passion like a knife. She opened her eyes and loosened her oral hold on Randy's cock, turning in the direction of the voice. Oh, God... noooooo! Her daddy was right here, watching her blow Randy Ferris! He was as naked as she was!The young girl gaped at her father, her face wet with saliva. It was only a dream, an hallucination--that grass was stronger than she realized- -but no, it wasn't; Daddy was right there in the flesh! Her eyes. Then Vicky asked, "Do we get a clue as to what it's about?" No, but there is something I need to ask you guys, but I'll ask it when I see you." Clarity responded."You're alright though?" Jen asked."Yes, I'm fine. So can someone pick me up at the airport at around two fifteen tomorrow? I already have a PSA flight booked." I'll pick you up," I offered."Supper," She responded. "I'll be sure to wear something really sexy then." Better not make it too sexy," Vicky cautioned. "He's been threatening.

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