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“Dirty, master.” She replied. “Master… please fuck me?”I slapped her hard across her face. “How dare you make requests!”“I’m sorry�... you have me so turned on… I need to be used…” She practically cried, rubbing her reddening cheek.I smirked. “Oh really?” She nodded. I told her to follow me again and she did so. We headed to the band stand near the lake, and as suspected for this time of the evening, it was inhabited by a group of chavs. For those who don’t know what a chav is, it is the lowest. He and his friends were standing around a keg, and Lady Gaga was blaring from the speakers. Some girls from town were there. Spal felt so free—he’d gone to high school and college parties since he was thirteen or so, but he’d always sipped Diet Coke, and looked around nervously, worrying that Mother might show up with a whip?.and of course had scurried home from whatever event they were at at around ten forty-five, so he wouln’t break curfew. But tonight was different!Maisie was behaving. Her ass was round and smooth, even the small of her back was sensual. She was perhaps one of the most sexual creatures Shayna had ever encountered. ‘Okay’ Chera said, moving away from Paul, ‘I think our stud is ready Shayna. I want him to fuck you. How do you want it?’ Shayna pondered that question for a moment, taking her time to think. ‘I think I’d like to ride him. Then you can ride his face and we can see each other!’ A large grin came over Chera’s lovely features. ‘Paul was right, you are. Somewhat reassured, I went back to sucking him and let him do what he wanted. Then he started to move his whole body so that instead of being on my side he was on top of me, straddling me in a push-up position with his knees on my arms and shoulders. He was seriously ready to fuck my mouth now and and there was nothing I could do to stop him. I was just trying to fulfill a promise but he was in the throes of a sexual fantasy over which he was quickly losing control. It was hard not to get.

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