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Cum with me, and we will make the next fantasy come true,” she said to him. Her voice was silky and smooth, so soft. He was hypnotized. How could he...say no to this woman? She had him entranced. Johnathon sat back down in his chair. The sane part of his mind was screaming about the possibility of someone coming in, but his cock overrode any objection. Hooking his arms under her knees, he pulled her hips to him. He lowered his mouth to her thighs. Kimberly was wet. He could see it seeping from. He grasped her arms a little tighter and gritted through his teeth, "Did you deserve the big man? Wasn't he able to make you realize that you deserved his love? Well, what about me, Diana? Do I deserve any less than him? Do I deserve for you to refuse from me what you accepted from him? I'M your husband ... NOT HIM!"He moved her from his lap onto the bed. He stood up, kicked his shoes off and dropped his suit jacket from his shoulders, yanked off his tie and unbuttoned a few of the top buttons. She quickly retrieved a soft cloth bag from the back of her pajama drawer and pulled a large, thickly veined rubber cock from the bag. She spit into her palm and smeared it on the fake penis. Sitting on the edge of her bed, she pulled her panties aside and hurriedly inserted the long thick dildo into her wet pussy and with a practiced hand, quickly brought herself to an intense orgasm.Mia fell back on the bed, with the toy still pushed deeply in her cunt, and waited for the sensations to pass.. A guy about mid 40's opened the door and welcomed me in, the rooms where dimly lit but i could make out quite a number of people all around the ground floor. The man that showed me in introduced me to several men and womens as he lead me to the kitchen to put my bottles of wine in and to get myself a drink, he said you seem very nurvious is this your 1st orgy, i nodded he put his hand on my shoulder and said don't worry all will be fine you do not have to do anything you don't want to, you can.

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