Desi Cheating Girlfriend Maintaining Two Sex Friends!! mp4

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I removed her lingerie and stared at that pussy for some time. And with a jerk put my mouth over it . I licked all her juices . Inserted my tongue int... the clitoris. And bit her pussy while I was kissing. She was out of control. She wanted to hold my head and guide , pull my hare. But there was nothing she could do. She was just moaning hard. And shrieking with joy and pain.I ate all her pussy. Now was the show time. I quickly unzipped my pants removed my underwear. I wanted to fuck her mad. Then Joe is back in my ass as Rob is in my pussy,once again I instinctively I open my mouth only for Keith to stuff his cock into it.All three use my at once. Grunting as they fuck my like animals, enduring more cum being spewed into my orifices. My head rolling sees a clock- two thirty am, twice more they use me all together until they have finally sated their sexual urges with my now limp body. Leaving me on the floor they go up as I black out.Coming too the clock showing ten am, I stumble my. Clothed as they were, their nice firm bodies were a picture to remember and admire. I stood staring at the collective beauty of what is natural. My cock began to twitch showing it was responsive to the scenery. I could feel the pre-cum starting to ooze up through my shaft again. Being in the “clothing optional” part of the beach JJ started to remove her clothing and as I watched, I noticed that her nipples were quite firm and poking out proudly from her firm 34C cup tits.JJ's condition was. The elevator had stopped between the seventh and eight floors.We both were stuck there. We looked at each other and then looked to the panel, looking for an emergency panel, which did not exist there."We're stuck here and we can't communicate with anyone!" I said angrily. "Hopefully someone will fix this problem soon." He said, turning to me and holding out his huge black hand."My name is George; it's nice to meet you." I took his hand and told him my name."Well, I guess we'll just have to get.

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