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During the ride home my wife said "All afternoon I could see you have a big hardon, Is this because of the warm weather..? I will fix this for you whe... we get home..." I just smiled at her.The next couple of days I did not see her, I think because she was working in hospital. But after a few days I got a message on my phone: 'We need to talk' was all it said. I sent her a message back: 'Tomorrow evening, we go for a ride'Since I was working, my wife already had a horseback ride during the day,. She dive in. And we goof around for awhile this is one of those rare times were she a cool chick to hang out with. But joe gets tired and says he heading In to take a shower and get a snack.So now it just me and her I'm trying to not get a hard on cause in these trunks it would be damn clear I had one. Then she says 'I'm sorry for walking in on you. I give embarrassed grin and say 'no it was my fault I should have lock the door' she smiles and it goes silent for a bit then she's say ' last time. I was beginning to think that it had been a bad idea to invite Katy to live with us. She just wasn’t comfortable with my past, and was struggling with her attraction to me as well. It was a potentially volatile set of circumstances that didn’t seem to have a resolution other than her moving out.Fortunately the revelations about Katt and Laura didn’t put a damper on the rest of the evening. Katt and Mikael needed to be in bed at a reasonable hour, so the dinner broke up about 10:30pm. The four. Jake was much refreshed when he stepped out of the shower and into the towel Melissa held for him. Jake brushed his fangs, shaved his mug, and combed his hair as Melissa continued bringing him up to date.Ablutions complete, they walked back to the bedroom. Melissa started to take off her clothes but Jake stopped her.“Let me do that, Muffy,” he said.She gave him the smile she reserved just for him and walked up to where he sat on the bed. Jake loved getting his wife naked. Every millimeter of.

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