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"Showing your true colors now, are you? A bit late for that. A bit latefor you. Now, the second thing I like in my girls...is for them to be abit on t...e small side." He placed his large hand on her head and began toroughly ruffle her hair. Her scalp came alive with tingles, tingles thatquickly spread deep into her bones. She could feel herself...diminish.It was disorienting, almost nauseating, the way the room seemed to grow,her clothing became loose. She nearly fell out of her now. She looked tired and I realized she too may have had a late night last night - knowing that it could not have been as playful and endearing as my night with Lisa and mom. What lewd acts had she been forced to do?This just reaffirmed my belief that my decision to assume control of mother and my sisters was justified.Gerald was again driving his mother's car when I came out of the school - he seemed strangely serious. "Where are we going?" You'll see." He seemed intent on driving and I did not. " Marco repeated, after Zax told him and Laylen about his intention and worries of insufficient time to accomplish them."Well, Zax, you have four days. Your friends might be spread across El-Eden, in their different schools, but with your level of cultivation you should be capable of moving around swiftly and freely. In two days you can see all your friends and in the remaining two, why don't you go visit your grandparents? Better yet, it has been a long time since we had a family gathering. In. These are pretty hot."Renee made a show of rolling her eyes, but all she could think about was him with her own far more conservative panties in his hand. I really, really need to find time to date again.Entering everything into the database required a lot of attention, which helped her calm her raging hormones. Since things were going smoothly and he seemed willing to help, she kept going through a second box. Once it was done, William asked, "Want me to grab another one?" No, it's getting.

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