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.. she winced... "Racket." Andrea then looked at the crew. They were going about the general day to day cleaning ... a polish soaked rag squeaked as i... was wiped against a bit of brass. "You've got them wearing hobnailed boots." The crew was in deck-shoes. "Please, David. If you love me ... stop. I'm dying here." She moved an arm and her survival suit flapped ... she threw her hands to her ears...David looked at Andy..."Hungover?" Oh God!"The boat rose on a freighter wake and tilted forward as. "And so it really gave you pleasure to torture me, Jack?" she asked almost cheerfully, adding before I could reply, "I was very angry with my maid this morning and it would have delighted me to have spanked her severely. Now, would such delight arise from revenge or from being cruel?" Undoubtedly from being cruel," I replied, "the infliction of the punishment is what would have given you the pleasure, and behind it would come the feeling that you were revenging yourself. Here's another. My birthday is in February, while they all have birthdays in September, guess ‘cause Daddy always come home for Christmas, for sure. See, I had to sleep with Nancy when daddy was home. Mama let me sleep with her most of the rest of the time. Our house only had 3 bedrooms and one bathroom. Well, it was just a bath room; it only had a claw tub and a sink. The outhouse out back was for the ‘other stuff. With six women in the house, this was a problem, though not so much for me. Me, I’d just go in. Her fingers buried into my cunt.I gasped at the sudden intrusion of her digits. They reached so deep into my juicy cunt. I rose up on my tiptoes. I groaned out in shuddering rapture. My eyes bulged. Her digits felt so good in me. I whimpered and shuddered, my hips swaying from side-to-side as she plundered my pussy.My cunt convulsed on her digits as my orgasm explode through me. My cum fired from my dick. I whimpered, trying not to scream out in rapture. Pleasure pulsed from my dick as blast.

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