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" I was confused, when she slid off the bed. She wobbled across the room, and returned with something in each hand. "I've always wanted to use this, b...t Eddie never would. Either he was too nervous or done too fast." I blinked in the failing light to see her squirt lube into her hand and rub it up and down my shaft. Then she very gently slid a piece of rubber around my head and down to the base. It wasn't until I head a quiet click that I realized I was now wearing a cock ring. "As you were,". I want to make this last," she commanded.So as commanded I sucked and licked her balls until she could take nomore and demanded that I returned to sucking her cock. Once again Ikissed up her rock hard straining cock. Then I took in a deep breath andwinked at her causing her to frown in puzzlement. I then slowlysalaciously took the whole length of her cock down to the balls. You see,unknown to her I had been practicing.......a lot. I could now take theten inch dildo I had without a single tear!. She teased me about it but she gave in. Maybe she was more of an exhibitionist than I had thought. Soup and sandwiches washed down with some soda seemed to do it nicely. Then it was time to go outside.Theresa was a whole lot more excited about it than I was. She just opened up the backdoor and ran out into the grass jumping around and shaking her tits for anyone to see. She ran out into the middle of the yard and waited for me. She knew that I was somewhat hesitant about it so she told me to. Her skirt was gone and in its place was a leather harness with a 6-inchrubber cock secured to it! I let out a gasp and she winked at me beforelicking her lips. She skilfully rolled a condom onto the rubber phallusbefore shaking it playfully, like brandishing a weapon! "Surprise, Molly!You must have suspected what the boot licking was preparing you for. It'sa little like cock sucking -which you will be schooled in. I enjoy seeingmy sissies so scared for the first time, then really going for it.

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