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She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and shot him a glance with her entrancing gray eyes. “Like what you see now, Tommy?” She slowly made he... way to the sinks that lined the wall opposite the stalls, tossing a quick glance at herself in the mirror and then looking back at Tom. Tom was in utter disbelief as her large but tight ass was now revealed to him. His dick was in pain as it tried to free itself of his pants. “Why don’t you come over here and touch it?” Alexis said as she placed her. A shock of something like heat flashed from her violated tits to her pussy, making her clit throb.In high school, she had seen the boys staring at her tits. She was well developed. Her mother worried about her, buying her sweaters one or two sizes too big, always to hide her firm, high- riding tits. But she would tuck in her sweater behind her skirt, stretching the knitted material over her bra. How the boys would stare, ignoring the teacher, their eyes wide, wanting, desiring her tits. It was. “You tell them the truth. You express what you believe, based on the evidence. You can’t prove any of it, other than the fact you’re here and not dead. Beyond that, you give them the facts as you understand them. And by details, I mean all of them, whether they’re supportable or not. No one knows what happened or what it means. So everyone deserves all the information, and frankly, you don’t possess much. You can’t afford to withhold any.”Eric studied her, his lip curling into a grin. “You’re. He was solicitous and kind, and the look on his facetold me that his every thought was for my well being. Yet, he hadconnived to have me placed in the gravest danger. Would Romeo have donethat to Juliet? Would Tristan have done that to Isolde? Actually, bothmen did, so I suppose those were poor examples.Just then, a particularly bad bump in the road nearly put Philip in mylap. In the ensuing confusion I accidentally poked him in the eye."Oh, my God!" cried Philip, holding his hand to his eye..

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